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Joomla The Enterprise Level CMS

Joomla uses a powerful MVC framework and a streamlined design pattern providing better flexibility, extensibility and security. The MVC framework requires fewer codes to develop extensions and further extending the functionality of the application. Joomla community provides tons of open source extensions best suited to all mid level and large scale websites.

Easy Implementation Throughout Various Verticals

  • Setup An Online Store With Virtuemart

    VirtueMart is an e-commerce extension for Joomla providing easy and efficient capabilities to manage products, user settings and payment gateways. It also provides capability to set up shopper groups, customizable shopper input form, multiple product display setting and marketing promotion tools as well. For mid-sized e-commerce businesses VirtueMart is the best e-commerce solution to set up and manage an online store effortlessly.

  • Real Estate Portals With Joomla

    The Joomla is perfect platform to develop feature rich websites for large scale real estate businesses. Joomla provide two great extensions OS Property and JomEstate PRO for real estate businesses to manage listing on your website. The extensions provide advanced search features, ability to manage property listing, agents, property owners or associates, custom fields and groups, seo friendly architecture and lot more for large scale, online real estate businesses.

  • Fully Functional Job Portals

    Joomla CMS offers perfect architecture framework to design large scale job portals with multiple search filters, registration feature, job search features and alerts for job seekers and users. JoomBah is Joomla plug-in to design job portals with features to search jobs, category search filters to make search more specific, registration features, subscription feature for job seekers and employers, feature to upload video resumes and lot more. The plug-in helps to add and manage functionalities, make it easy to use and useful for both job seekers and employers.

  • JomSocial® For Social Networking

    Jomsocial. Jomsocial is a great utility plug-in from Joomla to create a social network instantly with the features to create profiles, create groups and more than 200 Jomsocial add-ons to add more functionality to the social network. It provides features to engage people and share videos, photos or create events. You can also create field types, create communities or even engage with each other privately. This Joomla extension is extremely useful to create a social branding for the business.

  • Great Directory Websites With Joomla

    The Jomdirectory plug-in from Joomla is a great utility extension to create your own professional directory in just minutes. It provides easy functionalities to create any sort of listing directory from business directory, product catalogue to movie databases in multi-lingual formats. The plug-in provide features like category listing, attractive images and color schemes, multiple layout formats, custom field and groups, advance rating and reviews, Joomla smart search feature and seo friendly framework. The extension is the easiest way to create professional directory in just few minutes.