Consulting And Requirement Gathering

The foremost priority for us is to understand our client’s business model and the objective of the application for the business. The first phase starts with a detailed discussion with the client to get an insight of their business operations and figure out how the application can be built to suit the purpose. We keep the communication channels for discussions absolutely flexible and convenient for client. The conversation and consultation takes place via e-mails, Skype, telephonic mode or live chat. To make the application more productive or business environment friendly, we also provide consultation on more utility features and add-ons that can be worthwhile addition to the application’s usability.


Creating Scope, Planning Application Development and Preparing SRS

Once the requirement gathering is completed, we document Scope Of Work to set up a complete project framework. The SOW is documented version of the key characteristics that the application should have, application build up, features in the application and its functional capabilities. While the SOW gives a clear picture of application’s utility, features and functional capabilities it is expected to have, SRS is a detailed document which explains the complete project schedule, milestones to be accomplished, project deliverable to be achieved and time and cost estimates.


Development Process

Once we are through with the planning and documentation stage, we will start to implement it to build the actual software or application. This part of the process will involve the designing and the development of the application. This stage will also involves rigorous testing till we achieve the software with feature and functionality it was meant to possess. Throughout the entire process the project manager, developers and the client will be in constant communication to ensue that we achieve the desired results.


Deploying The Application

Once the software or application is built and is completely functional, we will suggest the hosting environment for the application based on the scope, traffic and the technology used for developing the application. During this phase we also provide the required training to our customer and user manual for managing the application as well. With this the customers can make the most of the application that has been developed by us.


Support And Maintenance

We at Pixel understand that a smooth and flawless execution of your application is very crucial for the success of your business and once your application is live we will provide all support that is needed to make sure that your application delivers required results. As with the change in the technology and arrival of new upgraded features, your business will further require these upgraded features to bring in more traffic, create bigger user base or to simply make business functioning more swift and smart. Our tech support make sure you get the best value from your application or software and better returns on the investment made on it.