Dedicated Resources

The engagement model gives an option to the clients to hire dedicated manpower as per the project structure and requirement, while taking complete control of the Project proceedings and monitoring as well.

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Fixed Budget

This mode of engagement is for clients having a pre-decided timeframe and budget to accomplish project milestones and are very clear on what to achieve, how much to invest in a time bound setup.

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Hourly Engagement

The engagement model let the client to just pay for the resources employed as per the hour invested in the project and is perfect fit for projects with flexible requirements.

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Dedicated Resources For Agile Application Development

  • The Engagement Model The engagement model is for clients looking to hire dedicated manpower for their projects. It gives you total control on the man power selection and resources that you hire for the project. We will assign most competent and seasoned professionals at Pixel, who will work on the project as per your project structure, instructions and the assigned project will share regular updates with you.
  • Modus operandi (Method of operation) Project structure and proceedings will be decided by the client independently and the assigned resource will work as per the project requirement. While you will be only paying for the resources hired, while we will be managing the human resources on our end. If your project framework expands then you are free to increase the team or change its composition. The assigned project manager will share regular updates on daily basis with you.
  • Recommended for - Business owners who have a clear idea of what they require for the project and how they are going to achieve it, but don’t want to set up business infrastructure and human resources. Client can have dedicated human resource for the project and for as long as they want it.

Fixed Budget – Focused Project With Pre-decided Budget

  • The Engagement Model This mode of engagement have pre-decided project requirements, timelines and budget. It requires a documented SRS which have the project schedule, milestones, budget and guidelines for proceedings.
  • Modus operandi This model of engagement works strictly as per the SRS document, while we will be assigning the professionals required for the project and will also monitor the proceedings. A dedicated project manager will be assigned who will update you of every development in the project. We might change the composition of manpower to make sure the project is in right direction, will complete successfully and well on time.
  • Recommended for The clients having fixed project requirement to determine, design and build the application in a secured budget can opt for this model of engagement.

Hourly Engagement – Pay For Man Hours Invested

  • The Engagement Model The mode of engagement is for projects with extensible development requirements which might increase depending upon the project objective and deliverable. Client just has to pay for the hours invested in the project.
  • Modus Operandi The project can start with project objective and a project outline even with no structured schedule. We will assign professionals with required skill sets to work without detailed specifications. They will start the project with a simple project outlines and specifications. While a time tracker will gauge the man hours invested and will continuously update you on the project development with timely snapshots. As project progresses, if a project requirement expands, we may change the composition of the team accordingly. We will assign a project manager who will regularly update you of the project advancements and will be constantly in touch with you.
  • Recommended for Projects with scope for further expansion or require new dimensions to it, then this model will enable you to add further work hours till you accomplish the project objective.

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